Get Your Vibes

we help you live with intention

What do we do?  Simply put, we help you live with intention, we help you Get Your Vibes.  Another question is how?  The answer to how is different for everyone, but we believe in finding a way to raise the collective vibration for every individual.  Get Your Vibes, is a resource to help you on your path to optimal health, happiness, wholeness and living your most authentic life.  

We accomplish living our best lives through whole food, plant based nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, doing things with purposefulness and it takes some re-wiring to do things with intention.  We take it back to the basic, we keep it simple and re-engage the traditions and techniques that have been used by our ancestors.  We are meant to be whole beings and in order to be whole, we must eat whole foods, wholly engage in life and in our thoughts by being mindful, doing things on purpose, being active in the choices we make.  We want you and your body to function at the highest level possible, your mind to be decluttered and for you to be present.

We will share our vibes and how others get their vibes, on our site through our blog, podcasts and video content.  There will also be plenty of vibes on our social channels, Instagram & Twitter, @Get_Your_Vibes and on Facebook, where you can find us by searching Get Your Vibes.  We want to uplift you, inspire you, motivate you, and it would be our honor and privilege to play even the smallest part in your journey.

It's important to know that there is science and evidence behind what we do.  Whether it's plant based nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, alternative energy healing, all have scientific evidence supporting the positive impact it has on our minds, bodies and the vibrational frequencies we radiate to world.