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Cinco De Mayo Vibes - NEW Taco Recipe!

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NEW taco recipe, just in time for Cinco De Mayo!  The flavor is festive and super healthy. 


½ Head of purple cabbage

1 Red pepper

1 Mango

½ Sweet onion or purple onion

¼ Cup of cilantro

3-4 Portobello mushrooms

3 Limes

3-4 Tablespoons of honey

Get Your Vibes garlic cashew dip

Tortillas of your choice

Hoisin sauce

Olive Oil

Garlic powder




Start by shredding the purple, chopping the red pepper, onion, cilantro and mango.  Toss it in a large bowl.  Squeeze the juice from the limes (same a half of one for garnish or extra juice on top of the taco) in the bowl, add in the honey, about 1 teaspoon of cumin or more, ½ teaspoon or more of garlic powder and salt and pepper to your liking. Mix it really well, add in more lime, honey, or spices if you needed.

Thinly slice the portobello mushrooms, add them to a pan with a little olive oil.  Add in 3-4 tablespoons of hoisin sauce and sauté.  Add in some garlic powder, salt and pepper, combine on the stovetop until the mushrooms have absorbed the sauce and spices.  Once the mushrooms are done set them aside.  Warm your tortillas and add the GYV garlic cashew dip as a base, place the cabbage mixture on top, then add the mushrooms and feel free to garnish with more cilantro and fresh lime. 

It’s easy, healthy and really delicious!  Enjoy!


Super Bowl Appetite

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With Super Bowl LIII happening this weekend I wanted to take the time to share some of our favorite Get Your Vibes recipes along with a few others!

Events like the Super Bowl, often times have the ability to derail our diets and set us up to get out of our healthy routine and before we know it, it’s 2-3 days of bad eating. At Get Your Vibes we believe in creating sustainable habits and the healthiest version of your favorite foods so that you can enjoy the food you love while feeling and looking your best AND still achieve your nutritional/health goals!

Below are links to some of my favorite game day foods that won’t get you off track and are sure to be a hit at any party!

Who do you have winning the Super Bowl? Since I live in LA I am pulling for the Rams! Enjoy the game (and the commercials) everyone!

Southwester Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Pulled “pork” Portobello Sammies

Get Your Vibes Garlic Cashew Dip

From Whole Living Lauren - Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

From Minimalist Bake - Vegan Queso

From My Bowl - Vegan Seven Layer Dip


Portobello Pulled Pork Sammie

RecipeGet Your Vibes

One of the fun things I enjoy about being plant based is recreating recipes that people would have never imagined being possible to make with plants.  My most recent creation is a pulled pork sandwich and I didn’t use any meat substitutes, I used plants!  Often times I feel like vegans use a lot of meat substitutes that are filled with gluten, wheat, soy, and other fillers that aren’t very good for us and can cause digestion complications, breakouts and other skin issues.  The superstar of this dish are Portobello mushrooms for the Get Your Vibes Portobello Pulled Pork Sammie!

With the season transitioning to fall this is the perfect recipe for a lazy day or night at home.  I enjoyed mine on a Sunday curled up on the couch watching football!


Here is what you’ll need:

Serves 4-5 (or two sammies for two-three people, I definitely had seconds!) 

  • 6 Portobello mushrooms

  • Bag of buns (preferably gluten free)

  • 1-2 bunches of scallions

  • 3-4 cloves of minced garlic

  • Vegan Barbecue Sauce (I used Annie’s sweet and spicy)

  • Hoisin sauce (majority of the brands are vegan)

  • Olive oil

  • Sesame oil

  • Liquid aminos or soy sauce  

  • Vegan mayo

  • Cucumber

  • 1 medium red onion

  • Sesame seeds

  • S&P


You want to start by preheating the oven to 350.  Thinly slice the Portobello mushrooms and add them to a baking pan or sheet.  Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and combine.  Bake the mushrooms for 20-25 minutes.  While the shrooms are baking heat up 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of sesame oil on the stove top.  Add the minced garlic and about 1 BIG handful of chopped scallions (save some for the sammies) to the pan and sauté until golden brown.  Once the mushrooms are done add them to the pan and mix them in with the scallions and garlic.   After it’s been mixed add ¼ cup of barbecue sauce and ¼ of hoisin sauce, and 1-2 tablespoons of liquid aminos.  Combine, keep on low heat and let the flavors marinate together.  Toast the buns, add a layer of mayo to the top and bottom, thinly slice cucumber and red onion and add to the bottom bun, portion the shredded mushroom mixture on the buns, top with scallions and sesame seeds and serve!

I served mine with a side of sweet chipotle potatoes chips and it was delish!


Nice Cream Vibes

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Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of ice cream?  And even as a Plant Based Nutritionist I enjoy a bowl of “nice” cream whenever I can but no ice cream for me. 

The Get Your Vibes version of ice cream is dairy free, and it's made with whole, real, ingredients.  I bet if people knew what was really in ice cream they would eat a lot less of it.  I know it would be horrible of me to ruin ice cream for you on National Ice Cream day with a list of horrible toxic ingredients and informing you that there is quite a bit of pus in dairy and ice cream you’re eating due to the amount of infections that dairy cows endure, so I will just link to those sources and let you do your own research.    

Now let’s get to the good stuff, Get Your Vibes Nice Cream!!!!  This recipe is so health that you could eat it for lunch!  Yes, Nice Cream for lunch!  The ingredients will have you feeling and looking your best, you will need a blender, but other than that no complicated ice cream maker.  The recipe and directions are listed below.  Enjoy and may this Nice Cream help you Get Your Vibes!


Serves 2 (or if you’re like me, then serves 1, I can eat a huge bowl of this, lol)

  • 4 frozen bananas

  • 2 teaspoons of cacao

  • 2 tablespoons of wildflower honey or coconut nectar

  • 3-4 tablespoons of almond or peanut butter

  • ¼ cup of unsweetened almond milk or water (depending on your blender you may need more)

For the topping you can use whatever you like but this is what I enjoyed

  • 3-4 tablespoons of coconut flakes

  • 3-4 tablespoons of raw pistachios

  • 3-4 tablespoons of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips


Place all the ingredients in a blender (with the exception of the toppings) and blend.  Depending on the strength of your blender, pause it, scrape down the sides and continue to blend!  Transfer from the blender into a bowl, add the toppings and enjoy!

Not only is this recipe incredibly healthy but it’s cruelty free!  So on this National Ice Cream Day I hope you’re inspired to try a kinder version of this delicious treat!


Miso Detox Soup

RecipeGet Your Vibes

I am a big believer in have a few solid recipes that you can rely on during the week and this soup is definitely one of those!  It's hella hearty, super detoxifying, loaded with beneficial vibes and healing properties.

It's also a very simple and easy recipe, that you can make with any of your favorite veggies.  See below and enjoy!


3-4 cups of your favorite vegetables, I used: sweet potato, carrot, celery, asparagus, red pepper, mushrooms, zucchini, sweet onion and avocado for topping. You can't go wrong with any vegetable! 

1 tablespoon of miso, I love the Miso Master brand, they have awesome varieties, all organic and non GMO and they have low sodium options, I buy the mellow white miso, here is a link to their products, you can find them at most whole foods too!

1-2 tablespoons of hemp seeds

1-2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast

1-2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds (optional) 

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

S & P to taste

1/4 cup of Wild Brine, (optional but AMAZING health benefits)




Start by boiling some water in a pot, I'd say 5 cups, maybe more, maybe less depending how you like your soup.  Place your steamer basket in the pot and then place your vegetables in the basket, let them for 15-20 or until tender.  Remove the basket.  Save the water from your steamed vegetables, turn the burner off, add in the miso, garlic powder and S&P, if most of your water has been absorbed then add in some more water.  Whisk the miso until it's dissolved, it's important to make sure the water isn't too hot and the burner is off so that it doesn't destroy the enzymes and minerals in the miso.  Place the veggies in a bowl, pour the miso broth over them and then top with your hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and avocado!

Hemp seeds are the staple superfood in this dish.  These seeds are a gift!  By definition these seed are: "Considered a complete protein, hemp seed delivers 5 grams of protein in a 2 Tbsp serving, making them a great addition to vegan and vegetarian diets. Hemp is truly a super food providing a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids in each serving. These fatty acids promote heart health, lower triglycerides, work to reduce inflammation, promote brain health, and support the immune system. Low in carbohydrates, hemp seeds are ideal for those following the paleo diet or who need to be carb conscious for their health."

This dish is stacked with so many beneficial ingredients and is great was to maintain your health or to get it back on track!

Tahini Veggie Stir Fry Pasta

Get Your Vibes

Do you ever have those moments when you throw something together and hope for the best?  This dish IS that.  It was a Friday night, I had just hit some golf balls at the range and I was craving something hearty and filling, but also quick and easy.  The combo of filling and quick, often doesn't go hand in hand but this is an exception.  Let's get to it so you can Get Your Vibes.

Serves 1-2


  • 1 cup of Tinkyada spiral pasta (or your favorite gluten free pasta)
  • 1/2 cup of chopped purple cabbage
  • 1/2 cup of julienned carrots
  • 1/2 cup of spinach
  • 1/4 cup of sliced red onion
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/4 cup of tahini
  • 2-3 tablespoons of liquid aminos
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons of garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
  • S&P to taste

Start by chopping all your vegetables with the exception of the spinach, set them aside and boil the pasta.  Be sure to stir the pasta often, as gluten free pasta can get sticky.  Saute the veggies in the coconut oil until tender.  Once the pasta is done and the veggies are tender, strain the pasta and turn off the heat.  Add the pasta and spinach to the pan with the veggies, then gently combine the tahini, liquid aminos, garlic powder, S&P. and lemon juice.  Continue to gently fold and combine until everything is coated, then transfer to a bowl.  Top with cilantro, avocado and hemp seeds, put your feet up, Get Your Vibes and enjoy!

Tahini Veggie Stir Fry Pasta



Notes:  This isn't a sponsored post but I do really love the Tinkyada pasta, all of them!  In my opinion, it's one of the best gluten free pastas on the market and the ingredients pass the Get Your Vibes test!

Hydrating Detox Salad

The More You KnowGet Your Vibes

Over the weekend I attended a wedding in Columbus, Ohio.  There were two ceremonies, a traditional Ghanaian, wedding and then the standard American wedding, no exaggeration, it was one of the most fun experiences I've had in a long time.  It was amazing to be apart of two beautiful ceremonies, both so different, but in the end it was just about a celebration and having a good time.  The food was good, lot's of rice and veggies, I danced my ass off and of course the alcohol was flowing.  In my mind, it would be criminal to turn down champagne or a crisp vodka with a splash of soda and two limes at such a joyous occasion, so, I didn't.  I didn't feel hung-over (I swear by drinking at least a liter of water before bed), but with three days of consecutive drinking whether I felt bad or not, I know how bad it is for my body. 

When my flight landed at LAX, I went straight to Whole Foods and stocked up on lots of fresh veggies and made my favorite raw, hydrating salad.  It's filled with cucumbers, celery, grapes, cherry tomatoes, carrots and cilantro, all so hydrating, filled with water and will help my body restore it's inner balance.  It's quick and easy, I like to top it with pumpkin seeds, crushed black pepper, a store bought fermented salad, like wild brine to help get some extra probiotics and nutritional yeast for vitamin B12.  I usually dress it would some lemon juice and a little EVOO but this time I opted for the Get Your Vibes approved Ginger Sesame dressing from Bragg's that you can find at most grocery stores. 

The recipe is below and I served it with a side of oil free, roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower, sprinkled with garlic granules, along with homemade guac and spinach tortilla's, it was almost like a mezze plate.  Enjoy!

Serving is for one but it's easy to make and what's nice is that it keeps well stored in the refrigerator so you can make some in advance. 


1 carrot chopped

1-2 celery sticks

1/2 cup of cucumber

1/4 cup zucchini

1/4 cup yellow squash

1/2 cup of grapes

1/4 cup of cherry tomatoes

Wash and chop all the veggies, place in a bowl, add cilantro to your liking, S&P and toss with Alpine Avocado or Braggs Ginger Sesame dressing (both are Get Your Vibes approved), top with some healthy items like Wild Brine, pumpkin or hemp seeds, nutritional yeast and avocado. 

Optional:  Side of roasted sweet potato, cauliflower or your favorite roasted veggies.