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Vibe of The Week: Not Everyone Will Understand Your Hustle.

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This past week I was in Nashville for the TBH Beyond The Game Summit.  This summit was hosted by TBH Sports which is a financial firm for professional athletes and they invited their clients to gather and learn about business and branding off the field.  It was a great event, there was a gala, celebrity basketball game, amazing panels, networking.  Much of the proceeds benefited local charities which was great to see.  It's safe to say,  I gained a lot from a few days in Nashville and had the opportunity to do some networking myself and meet some pretty accomplished and driven individuals.  

I also had the chance to observe and reflect on a few things.  Many people at the summit are well off financially and they didn’t need to be there networking, finding ways to start a business or grow their business, but they were there, trying to better themselves and step outside their comfort zone.  The were uncomfortable being comfortable and I really admire that.  These athletes are used to pushing themselves on the field and it's so great to see them doing the same off the field, they want to be better in every aspect of their life.  That’s when it hit me, you can’t expect anyone to understand your hustle, you can't expect people to understand your drive or your why, not everyone will get why you are the way you are and that is OK! 

This is when focusing on your goals and yourself is extremely important.  You can't let people, places or things distract you from your passions and goals, it's not always easy but it's necessary when it comes to accomplishing tasks, projects and goals, no matter how minor or major they are!

I'll admit that I work A LOT, I don't always have balance but I have priorities and that is good enough for me.  I can't expect my friends and often times my family to understand that I love working so much right now, I love the passion that's driving me, so for me to work on the weekends is not only ok but it's exactly what I want!  I want everyone who has a passion and ambition to own it and not feel bad to hustling and making their own lane.  You owe it to yourself to live your truth and most authentic life!  I am grateful for those around me who understand my hustle, see my vision and empower me to make the best choices for myself.  To anyone out there who is playing small to please those around them, STOP.  You have one shot, don't hold back, hustle, grind, find ways to get it done and by all means do not play small, you've got too much magic for that! 

Sending you all lots of love, blessings and good Vibes!  Don't forget to use the hashtag #VOTW to show us how your are using this Vibe to empower yourself!