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Vibe Sesh!

Vibe Sesh, Vibe SessionGet Your Vibes

We are really excited at Get Your Vibes to be sharing a new blog that we will be posting monthly called #VibeSesh.  We all know what a vibe session is, when you're hanging with your friends, the energy is good, you feel uplifted, motived and inspired.  When you see, hear or read about people who are taking the road less traveled, following their passion and succeeding, it's good for your soul!  Your hustle will get a jolt of good vibes to say the least.  

Vibe Sesh, is a Q&A, with a rising boss who is making their own lane, has good vibes and grit.  We want to know what inspires them, how they have grown and where they see their passions taking them.  We have interviews with Jonathan Fields from King of Fresh, celebrity stylist, Brianna Agosto, acupuncturist to top athletes Cammy Polson and much more! 

Keep a look out over the next few weeks for our first edition of Vibe Sesh!  Thanks for all the support and we love helping you Get Your Vibes!