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Vibe of The Week: Always Room for Gratitude

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One of the things I try to focus on throughout my journey is gratitude, there is always room for being grateful.  What I have noticed is the more I am able to be grateful for all the situations, experiences, the ups and downs, the more of what I truly want in life shows up, it’s a beautiful thing.  It’s hard to be patient and to trust the process, especially when it feels as if nothing is going your way but it’s in those moments when we must have faith and be guided by gratitude. 

Something else gratitude has taught me is the importance of remaining humble when everything is going well, not to be blinded by success but being motivated by it, striving for more, remaining true to yourself and values.  It’s so easy to get caught stray but being humble will help you stay focused and stay the course.

To have an authentic attitude of gratitude it’s something we need to practice for it to become habitual.  First thing in the morning when you wake up is a great time to start, when you get out of bed and your feet hit the ground what are you grateful for?  After I am stretching after my early (too early) morning workout, I always make it a habit to mindfully think about what I am grateful for and I do the same before I go to bed at night.  It’s such a nice way to start and finish the day.  Even if I’ve had a less than desirable day, I have SO much to be grateful for and one bad day shouldn’t have me losing sight of that.

From here on out I am making a conscious effort to think, move, act and speak with more gratitude, there is always room for gratitude.

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