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Vibe Sesh: Keeping it Fresh - Jonathan Fields, King of Fresh

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Jonathan Fields, is the creative visionary behind King Of Fresh, a lifestyle brand that shares it’s message through clothing, specifically tee shirts.  Based in Nashville, Tennessee, this brand is as vibrant and thriving as the city it calls home.  I first met Jonathan, during the 2016 NHL All Star Game and a few things were apparent; Fields, genuine spirit and his desire to succeed while helping those around him is not only what sets him apart as a person but his clothing brand too.  

Enjoy this Vibe Sesh with Jonathan Fields, from King of Fresh…


Q: Tell us about King Of Fresh and how you got your start?

A: King of Fresh is a lifestyle brand I started about six years ago centered on the idea of perseverance. I started the brand because there weren’t any clothes I wanted to wear that fully represented the message I wanted to portray.  I wanted to create a brand with substance.

What was the inspiration behind the line?

The inspiration behind the line was “Thousands of heartbreaks, yet I remain fresh.” That concept means no matter what you go through you never wear it on your face, you keep it pushing and remain positive. 

What’s your creative process like?

My creative process consists of me building around a certain idea or theme. Whether it is the music, art, movies or other brands that creatively speak to what I’m trying to do at the time. There’s nothing new under the sun so my creative process is about taking bits and pieces of things that inspire me and telling my story.


Summer KOF 2017

Summer KOF 2017

In your line of work the market can be over saturated, how do you keep it fresh and unique?

I keep my brand fresh and unique by doing me and telling my personal stories. No ones life is identical to mine, so if I'm telling my personal stories it will always be unique and fresh.

We are in the midst of intense political and cultural times, how much of what’s going on in our society impacts your work?

A lot. I try to create pieces that have value and meaning so what’s going on in our society impacts my work for sure. Especially when what’s going on can affect you emotionally, it can be expressed through my creative process.


Do you have a mentor and if so how important do you think mentorships are to success?

Yes, I have several mentors. A lot of my mentors are some of my closest friends. All my mentors help me out in their respective areas, rather it be business, personal relationships or spiritual growth.

What motivates you each day?

My goals and the idea of inspiring people from my community. Also my mom - She worked so hard when I was growing up so it’s only right that I have that same work ethic plus more.

Every creator faces moments of indecision or perhaps self-doubt, how do you work through that?

By sticking to my roots and trying to stay grounded. At moments like this I try my best to remember why I’m doing what I’m doing and that helps me stay on the right path.

What are some rituals or habits that you do daily or weekly to help you maintain your focus?

Read my bible, pray and mediate throughout the day. I also plan out my days and weeks ahead of time so that I can have a checklist and make sure I’m getting things done.

What are Vibes to you?

Vibes are a creative energy or feels. 

How do you Get Your Vibes?  

Music is probably one of the biggest ways I get my vibes. Music can put you into a certain mood or feel. Eating good helps me get my vibes, as well as dressing fresh. When I put my clothes on, depending on the particular outfit, it sets the vibe for my day.

Where can we connect with King Of Fresh?

Connect with King of Fresh on Twitter and Instagram @kingoffresh. Or for a more personal feel you can hit me up on Twitter @JFields_ I always interact with everyone who tweets me.

To catch a King of Fresh Vibe, visit the website 

Summer KOF 2017

Summer KOF 2017

Summer KOF 2017

Summer KOF 2017