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Jade Rolling Vibes

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At Get Your Vibes, we are all about creating and building sustainable habits.  Whether it's dry brushing or drinking warm water with lemon every morning, we believe that the little things you do every day add up in a big way.   

Jade rolling is another beneficial habit that we love at Get Your Vibes.  A lot of people aren't familiar with it so we are here to enlighten you!  Jade rolling, is a form of facial massage, you take the beautiful jade stone roller and roll in an upwards motion on your face and neck area.  What this does is, increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage,  evens out complexion and diminish the appearance of fine lines.  All of those benefits detox the skin, improves skin elasticity and (speaking from personal experience) it de-puffs the eye area, really well.  Jade, is a stone that naturally stays cold so when this is used on the skin in the morning it feels exceptionally good. 

We don't often realize how tense the muscles in our face are so this is an especially important to release tension in our face and improve our appearance.  So, how do we use this divine tool?  You can start by making sure the skin on your face and neck is free of any makeup, sunscreen and any product.  Using the large end of the roller start at the bottom of your neck and roll upwards,  Continue rolling, applying gentle pressure, going upwards along the jawline, cheeks, cheekbones and forehead.  Then using the smaller end start at the inner part of the eye are and roll outwards,  you are rolling away the puffiness in the under eye area!  Once I am done I like to rinse my face with cool water and then apply my eye cream, serum and moisturizer.  I do this every morning but 3-4 days a week is encouraged.  Another way to do this is to put on a face mask and then use the roller over the mask to really help the mask penetrate the skin.

You can find jade roller at some crystal shops and they are reasonable priced.  Another option is Amazon, they have a wide variety and prices as well. We hope this simple but effective tip helps you get your skin glowing and helps you Get Your Vibes!



Hydrating Detox Salad

The More You KnowGet Your Vibes

Over the weekend I attended a wedding in Columbus, Ohio.  There were two ceremonies, a traditional Ghanaian, wedding and then the standard American wedding, no exaggeration, it was one of the most fun experiences I've had in a long time.  It was amazing to be apart of two beautiful ceremonies, both so different, but in the end it was just about a celebration and having a good time.  The food was good, lot's of rice and veggies, I danced my ass off and of course the alcohol was flowing.  In my mind, it would be criminal to turn down champagne or a crisp vodka with a splash of soda and two limes at such a joyous occasion, so, I didn't.  I didn't feel hung-over (I swear by drinking at least a liter of water before bed), but with three days of consecutive drinking whether I felt bad or not, I know how bad it is for my body. 

When my flight landed at LAX, I went straight to Whole Foods and stocked up on lots of fresh veggies and made my favorite raw, hydrating salad.  It's filled with cucumbers, celery, grapes, cherry tomatoes, carrots and cilantro, all so hydrating, filled with water and will help my body restore it's inner balance.  It's quick and easy, I like to top it with pumpkin seeds, crushed black pepper, a store bought fermented salad, like wild brine to help get some extra probiotics and nutritional yeast for vitamin B12.  I usually dress it would some lemon juice and a little EVOO but this time I opted for the Get Your Vibes approved Ginger Sesame dressing from Bragg's that you can find at most grocery stores. 

The recipe is below and I served it with a side of oil free, roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower, sprinkled with garlic granules, along with homemade guac and spinach tortilla's, it was almost like a mezze plate.  Enjoy!

Serving is for one but it's easy to make and what's nice is that it keeps well stored in the refrigerator so you can make some in advance. 


1 carrot chopped

1-2 celery sticks

1/2 cup of cucumber

1/4 cup zucchini

1/4 cup yellow squash

1/2 cup of grapes

1/4 cup of cherry tomatoes

Wash and chop all the veggies, place in a bowl, add cilantro to your liking, S&P and toss with Alpine Avocado or Braggs Ginger Sesame dressing (both are Get Your Vibes approved), top with some healthy items like Wild Brine, pumpkin or hemp seeds, nutritional yeast and avocado. 

Optional:  Side of roasted sweet potato, cauliflower or your favorite roasted veggies.



Block Out Bad Vibes

The More You KnowGet Your Vibes

Protecting our health and good vibes is a top priority.  Achieving optimal health consists of many things in addition to eating a proper diet, getting enough sleep and exercise.  There are simple and effective ways to protect and amplify our health.  We are exposed to thousands of toxins every day, not just in our food but environmental toxins, toxins in our skin care and cleaning supplies, and toxins from our TV Screens, computers, iPads and cell phones!  Is nothing pure anymore?!  It's becoming increasingly difficult to know what is or isn't healthy and how we can protect ourselves. 

Something that I've been introduced to over the last year are yellow lens glasses and how they greatly benefit us.  We don't always realize the harms and toxins that come with technology, our TV, computer, tablet or cell phone screens can disrupt our health and impact our body's internal clock, which leads to interruption of proper hormone production and secretion, issues with sleeping and macular degeneration, just to name a few.  Our screens emit light waves that our eyes and brain process. Blue light waves are especially difficult for us to process because it is a shorter wavelength, it scatters easier than other colors and it makes it very difficult for us to focus, therefore resulting in harmful eye strain, and often times we don't even realize how strained our eyes really are.  Blue light is also very harmful to our body's circadian rhythm, which is our internal, a 24 hour cycle in the physiological processes of all living beings, plants, animals, insects, all living beings.  This internal clock regulates how our body feels, when we rise and when we get tired, the blue light manipulates this natural internal process and we struggle to maintain healthy energy.

Recent studies show that blue light impacts the following; sleep problems, bipolar disorder and macular degeneration.  There is also ongoing research linking the harmful rays to, diabetes, obesity, immune system function, and an increased risk of cancer but more studies need to be conducted to fully tell blue light's impact. 

Fortunately, there are ways we can protect ourselves, simply purchasing yellow or copper lens glasses online (amazon has them and they aren't very expensive) is a great way to prevent the blue light damage when looking at any sort of screen, not looking at screens in dark surroundings is also helpful, try to have a cut off time from electronics at least 1-2 hours before bed.  All of these methods are easy, simple and effective.  Some of the things you want to look for when purchasing glasses are "Anti Blue Light Filter [Sleep Better], UV Block Radiation Eyestrain Reading Safety Glasses Square Computer Eyewear Yellow 49mm Lens".  It's important that they are anti blue light glasses.  We are not paid by this company in any way, so this is just a suggestion but the Cyxus Blue Light Filter glasses are great, durable, and get the job done.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below and we will be sure to answer them.  We hoped you enjoyed this blog and may it help you Get Your Vibes!