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Vibe of The Week: Make Your Morning Work for You!

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for an even better week!  Morning is such a precious time of day, everything is crisp, fresh and open for possibility.  It's an important time to prepare for a successful day as well.  Having a morning routine will not only help your focus but it will allow you to face the day with calmness and an inner peace.  We don’t want to be frazzled in the morning because that sets us up for a frazzled day, we want to be focused and mentally ready to accomplish and adapt to whatever the day brings.  We can’t prepare for what is going to happen, we can only prepare ourselves.  So what is your morning routine like?

A few things that I find to be really helpful in the morning are having a set of non-negotiables, you do this every morning no matter where you are.

1) Wake up with an attitude of gratitude.  When you place your feet on the ground, say, think and feel what you are grateful for, it can be anything!  We always have room for more gratitude in our life and starting the day being grateful sets a positive tone.

2) Hydrate!  No exceptions.  All Get Your Vibes clients drink at least 24-32 ounces of room temperature to warm water with lemon every morning.  After sleeping it is especially important to start the day with water, nothing else before the water should go in your body.  If you're on the road make sure you have water with you and a lemon if you'd like, I travel with both and I always feel like it helps me stay on track with I travel with my water and lemon.

3) Have some quiet time.  Whether it’s to journal, meditate or make a to-do list, setting aside 20-30 minutes to gather your thoughts, quiet the mind and mentally check in with yourself is extremely important.  This will help you think more clearly, see things as the really are and help you react or not react to things.  A chaotic mind is a mind that makes mistakes, quiet the mind so that you can think clearly and be creative.

4) Do not check emails or social media right away, wait!  Many of us sleep with our phones close to our bed because of the convenience of an alarm clock, so we are tempted to lay in bed and check emails, IG, FB, and maybe like a tweet or two all before we even get out of bed?!  Nope, that’s no way to start the day.  You want to feel refreshed and have a clear mind before attending to any emails.  

I hope these simple but easy to include tips 

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Vibe of The Week: Live with Love.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

Living in todays world can be disheartening at times.  In a 24 hour news cycle that is constantly delivering tragic, heartbreaking and fearsome stories, it can get to anyone after awhile.   Often times our natural reaction is to respond with fear and anxiety but this type of reaction doesn’t serve us or anyone around is, there is zero benefit.  So what can we do to prevent creating more fear and anxiety?  Learn to be love, to create and respond with love.  

This way of living and thinking is one that usually has to be relearned at some point in our lives but it is never too late to learn and change.  When we live with love, we respond with compassion, empathy and kindness. These feeling are much more beneficial for you and those around you.  They are productive and don’t evoke negativity or create more anxious feelings.  Everyone wins with love.

A great way to start creating awareness is when negative feelings or thoughts arrive, teach yourself to pause, and mindfully replace the negative with love, grace, compassion for yourself and others.  Like most things, reteaching yourself takes time but living with love creates a life of gratitude and abundance, we when learn to live with love we will an opportunity for growth, perhaps where we once saw fear.  

Studies show that our physical and mental health will also improve when we live with love and positivity.  When our self-talk and self thought is positive we experience less stress and this improves our cardiovascular health, we are immune systems are stronger, we are able to fight of the common cold and our coping skills improve.  Your life span can increase, while depression rates decrease, so why not improve your mental and physical health and live with love!

We hope you enjoy this Vibe of The Week and that you are able to apply it to your life and Get Your Vibes!

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Vibe of The Week: Seek Within.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

We only have a few months of 2017 left and I am feeling incredibly motivated, positive and looking forward to what the rest of 2017 holds for us as a collective and for Get Your Vibes.  The other day I thought to myself how I felt like I would work better if I had a little more balance in my life, that if I had more balance then my working hours would count more and I'd work more efficiently.  Whenever I am looking to make changers in my outer world, I try to look at how I can make the changes with my inner self.  If I am looking to have more stability, I think of a ways that my inner self and actions can be stable, instead of seeking and reaching for things in the outer world or a person for that stability.  The same goes for balance, I look at where I can give more of that to myself with my choices, my inner thought and my actions.

When we look inward for what we are seeking we will evolve and grow.  When we reach for things in the material world, we are often left disappointed because they only temporarily fix and fill any void.  However, when we go inward we are revealing new layers and strengthening our mental fortitude, our wisdom and intuition.   

Bottomline; The more you go within, the stronger you will be, the stronger your intuition will be, you'll have a better relationship with yourself and all aspects of your life will improve. 




Vibe of The Week: Keep It Real With Yourself.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

One of the things I've learned on this journey with Get Your Vibes is how important it is to be real with yourself.  When you're starting a business, or any new adventure that has passion driving it, it can be hard to see things from an objective view.  This can prevent necessary moves from being made or tasks being completed.  This week, let's all focus on keeping it real, especially ourselves. 

When keeping it real, it's best to do it and be positive about it, keeping it real is a good thing, so be happy!  We always have room to grow, there are so many ways we can be better.  When we think from a positive, open, eager place, we position ourselves to align with positive, fulfilling, and new opportunities.  This helps keep the fire lit, because when you are trying to Get Your Vibes, you are always striving to be and do better.  

It's important to understand that we are never done learning, we can always learn more.  Be real, be real with yourself and open to new possibilities coming to you.  Try not to judge your path, this will allow you to see things as they are and not how we or others perceive them to be.  

Learn to trust yourself and your intuition.  Keep it real with yourself, because if you can't keep it real with you, then who can you keep it real with?

Use the hashtag #VOTW and show us how you Get Your Vibes!


Vibe of The Week: Always Room for Gratitude

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

One of the things I try to focus on throughout my journey is gratitude, there is always room for being grateful.  What I have noticed is the more I am able to be grateful for all the situations, experiences, the ups and downs, the more of what I truly want in life shows up, it’s a beautiful thing.  It’s hard to be patient and to trust the process, especially when it feels as if nothing is going your way but it’s in those moments when we must have faith and be guided by gratitude. 

Something else gratitude has taught me is the importance of remaining humble when everything is going well, not to be blinded by success but being motivated by it, striving for more, remaining true to yourself and values.  It’s so easy to get caught stray but being humble will help you stay focused and stay the course.

To have an authentic attitude of gratitude it’s something we need to practice for it to become habitual.  First thing in the morning when you wake up is a great time to start, when you get out of bed and your feet hit the ground what are you grateful for?  After I am stretching after my early (too early) morning workout, I always make it a habit to mindfully think about what I am grateful for and I do the same before I go to bed at night.  It’s such a nice way to start and finish the day.  Even if I’ve had a less than desirable day, I have SO much to be grateful for and one bad day shouldn’t have me losing sight of that.

From here on out I am making a conscious effort to think, move, act and speak with more gratitude, there is always room for gratitude.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #VOTW to show us how you’re living with gratitude!


Get Your Vibes | Body Collection

Beauty, Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

It's a very special day for Get Your Vibes, as we launched our Body Collection. They are our Rose Water Vibe Spray, for face and body, it can be used to sept your makeup as well, the famous Cinnamon Coffee Vibe Scrub, super lux and our favorite self care Sunday ritual, and lastly, our Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Vibes.  We are looking forward to growing our Body Collection and sharing this journey with our fellow Vibe seekers!



All of our products are vegan, cruelty free, made with nothing but clean and simple ingredients.  These are products that you can incorporate into your daily and weekly wellness routine, these products not only enhance your health but your appearance and beauty as well. 



We've spent so much time crafting and perfecting these products that we know you'll love them and the impact they will have on your health and beauty.  At Get Your Vibes, we believe that feeling and looking your best starts on the inside and how we take care of ourselves externally.  These products will help you Get Your Vibes.

Just a few notes before you start start shopping, products will begin shipping within one-two weeks from the original date of purchase and if you have any questions please send them to

Thank you all again for the amazing support, we appreciate every single one of you and your good vibes!  Happy shopping and we look forward to sharing and expanding Get Your Vibes with you!

Vibe of The Week: Dry Brushing

Vibe Of The Week, BeautyGet Your Vibes

We are going to change it up a bit and this week's Vibe focuses on one of our favorite self-care techniques, dry brushing!

When I first start working with clients there is a Get Your Vibes starter kit that I share with them and in that kit there is a dry brush.  Most of the items in the kit they know about, but the dry brush? I always get questions about, it never fails!  I get it though, it looks more like a back scratcher or a scrub brush for a bathtub, but it's actually such a simple way to improve your body's health. 


Dry brushing is an ancient technique that has the ability to detox our bodies in a variety of ways.  Dry brushing will increase our circulation and because of that it helps stimulate/detox our lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products.  Miles of lymphatic tubules allow waste to be collected from tissue and transported to your blood for elimination, this is known as lymphatic drainage.  What happens when our lymphatic system doesn’t drain properly?  It leads to inflammation and disease, dry brushing helps prevent that.  It helps shed excess water and toxins, it also helps improves digestion and kidney function.  Dry brushing is great for proper distribution of fat deposits and this reduces the appearance of cellulite!

So how do we dry brush?  Start at the ankles and gently stroke upwards, go all the way up the legs, giving special attention to the back of our legs, and brush the tummy, rear end, all the way to the neck and from your wrists, making sure to get the elbows and over the shoulders.  If you can get as much of your back without straining yourself.  If you have any areas where you'd like your skin to look smoother then pay extra attention to it and brush over it a few more times.  You should aim to dry brush every morning before you shower, apply gentle pressure, remember you're brushing your skin, not scrubbing floors!  It's normal for your skin to feel a warm sensation and if it leaves marks then brush the skin softer.

You can find dry brushes at any health store, at whole foods in the whole body sections and online, amazon, has some great quality brushes.  Avoid synthetic bristles, one of my favorite brands is Yerba Prima, they are not a sponsor, just a quality product.  Our skin is our largest organ and dry brushing is one of the best ways to take care of it. Use the hashtag #VOTW and show us how you're vibing out!   Enjoy this self care technique and I hope it helps you Get Your Vibes! 

Brush those good vibes!

Brush those good vibes!

Vibe of The Week: In Times of Indecision or Uncertainty, Get Still

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

We’ve all been there, when we are faced with a decision and we just don’t know what to do.  Or when life is so chaotic around us it’s hard to make even the simplest of decisions.  When I encounter times like this (which I often do) one of the best solutions is to get my mind to a still place and quiet place.  I am a big believer in times of indecision that sometimes the best things to do is nothing and to retreat inward.  When we go within and quiet our minds we open ourselves to a whole other set of solutions, solutions that stem from a higher place our conscious mind.   Our conscious mind will help us make choices that are true to who we are and true to our path.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of life and all the decisions that needs to be made daily that we make them without even thinking!  This gets us off track and it’s not a very effective way to go about things and make choices that benefit you and your goals.  Next time you find yourself in this position, if you have time, meditate for 10-20 minutes, follow your breath, limit your thoughts, feel the weight of your body and any tension, just melt away.  And if you don’t have 10-20 minutes to spare then take a moment, close your eyes, take a few mindful deep breaths, re-gather yourself and let life come to you! 

When we are mindful there is less resistance, flow is restored to our lives and we can think and feel more clearly, we have a better understanding of ourselves and our emotions.  Use the hashtag #VOTW to show us how you Get Your Vibes!

Vibe of The Week: Spell It Out

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

When it comes to staying on track and completing a task, I am the type of person who must write everything down!  No matter how minor or major the task is, it gets jotted down, the same goes for all my goals and dreams that I have, everything gets written down.  Dominican University in California, did a study on the art and science behind goal setting and found that people who simply write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them, how incredible is that!  It has to do with how our brain is wired.  When we think about our goals, we are using the right hemisphere of our brain and when we write them down we use the left side of our brain, which impacts our logical thinking.  When you tap into both sides of your brain with one idea, it’s like tapping into a powerhouse and ideas, plans and strategy begin to unfold. 

It's also important that when we write down our goals and dreams that we are consistent, writing weekly if not daily.  We must also write from a place of having the goal or dream, not wishing or hoping but having.  This opens our subconscious and our mind begins to see the act of accomplishing, which is very powerful force to enhance our drive and ambition. 

For the #VOTW, try writing out your goals and dreams, keep a note book on hand and try to do this daily.  Watch how your drive and motivation are enhanced, this process requires action and that is brought on by the simple act of writing.

Use the hashtag #VOTW and show us how you are using this Vibe to help you stay focused and work towards your goals and dreams!


Vibe of The Week: Not Everyone Will Understand Your Hustle.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

This past week I was in Nashville for the TBH Beyond The Game Summit.  This summit was hosted by TBH Sports which is a financial firm for professional athletes and they invited their clients to gather and learn about business and branding off the field.  It was a great event, there was a gala, celebrity basketball game, amazing panels, networking.  Much of the proceeds benefited local charities which was great to see.  It's safe to say,  I gained a lot from a few days in Nashville and had the opportunity to do some networking myself and meet some pretty accomplished and driven individuals.  

I also had the chance to observe and reflect on a few things.  Many people at the summit are well off financially and they didn’t need to be there networking, finding ways to start a business or grow their business, but they were there, trying to better themselves and step outside their comfort zone.  The were uncomfortable being comfortable and I really admire that.  These athletes are used to pushing themselves on the field and it's so great to see them doing the same off the field, they want to be better in every aspect of their life.  That’s when it hit me, you can’t expect anyone to understand your hustle, you can't expect people to understand your drive or your why, not everyone will get why you are the way you are and that is OK! 

This is when focusing on your goals and yourself is extremely important.  You can't let people, places or things distract you from your passions and goals, it's not always easy but it's necessary when it comes to accomplishing tasks, projects and goals, no matter how minor or major they are!

I'll admit that I work A LOT, I don't always have balance but I have priorities and that is good enough for me.  I can't expect my friends and often times my family to understand that I love working so much right now, I love the passion that's driving me, so for me to work on the weekends is not only ok but it's exactly what I want!  I want everyone who has a passion and ambition to own it and not feel bad to hustling and making their own lane.  You owe it to yourself to live your truth and most authentic life!  I am grateful for those around me who understand my hustle, see my vision and empower me to make the best choices for myself.  To anyone out there who is playing small to please those around them, STOP.  You have one shot, don't hold back, hustle, grind, find ways to get it done and by all means do not play small, you've got too much magic for that! 

Sending you all lots of love, blessings and good Vibes!  Don't forget to use the hashtag #VOTW to show us how your are using this Vibe to empower yourself!

Vibe of The Week: Check in with yourself.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

We know it's Wednesday, but with the 4th of July holiday we figured we needed a midweek vibe to keep us focused so we can close out the week strong.  

We live in a world where we are surrounded by distractions, whether we realize it or not.  It's so easy to get caught up with things that have no meaning, like the latest Netflix series, trivial drama, material items and all those things take us away from our truth, our goals and what truly matters.  

The Vibe for this week is to be mindful and check in with yourself, daily.  This helps us stay on track, keep perspective and focused on the things that really matter to us.  Each week and often times daily, I write a list of my goals.  This could be short term or long term goals, it could be simple tasks that you write down, but whatever it is make it a point to write it down and check in with yourself daily.  Do not underestimate the power of writing things down on paper.  There are many scientific studies, including the infamous Harvard study, that show the impact of what writing our goals down can do for us when it comes to actually achieving them.  People who write down their goals have a much higher chance of achieving them and they often make more money than people who don't write down their goals.  The biggest incentive for doing this simple task is YOU!  You are worth it, so check in with yourself daily, write down and review your goals, stay focused, carve out time to purposefully think about your goals and trust that things will workout just as they should! 

How will you Get Your Vibes?  Use the #VOTW hashtag on social media to show us how you are putting to action this week's Vibe!

Vibe of The Week: Believe you are worthy of your dreams

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

If we aren't living aware, mindful lives, it's easy to get caught up in the mundane and just to go through the motions.  But, when we are present and mindful, we don't experience the bore of the day to day, we are open to possibilities and see opportunities.  This is extremely important when it comes to our dreams and accomplishing them.  We must live in the mindset of having of not only having our dreams but that we are truly worthy of them, it must be a belief so strong that it is never questioned. 

When live in the present we are able to be aware of our thoughts and we catch ourselves in moments of self-doubt or negative thoughts.  It's in those moments that we have the power of positive choice and to change the way we think.  Develop the habit of replacing doubtful thoughts with empowering affirmations that lead you closer to your dreams. 

This isn't meant to be hard but we want to release the resistance we have when it comes to believing we are worthy of the most abundant life possible.  Society and negative people will have you programmed to think that you aren't able to achieve everything you want.  But, we simply know that's false and driven by the human ego.  You have so much power that exists within, use it, grow it, trust it. 

Don't waste another day living a life that isn't one you've dreamed of, make a change, believe it, work for it and watch it manifest.  Change your thoughts and you change your life!

Vibe of The Week: The Paradox of Change.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

Some of the common themes that have been popping up in my life and many others is change, but how it's contradicted in our life.  Change is the only constant, that we know but with all the swirling change taking place in my external world, I find a few things in my world not changing.  My beliefs that keep my grounded, how I treat people, whether in business or personal, what I truly value in people and in myself, these are all things that haven't changed over the years and I am so glad for that.  

It's so important that when chaos is all around us that we are steady within and hold on strong to our truth.  It's important to remain kind and compassionate towards ourselves and other.  As much as your path may change and life takes you in different directions, perhaps unexpected, one thing that shouldn't change is your truth and the beliefs that make you who you are, don't sacrifice that.  Embrace change, knowing that you're in a certain position in life for a particular reason and even if it's testing you, it's because it's asking you to honor the truth within.  

One of my teachers, Bobby Klein, says, "Do not stop or change your principles on the path to completion and wellness.  To adapt to the changes before you duration of the spirit and grace is called for.  Take time to renew the self."  



Vibe of The Week: Be Open to Receiving.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

After you pray or ask for something, how often do you mindfully check in with yourself to see if you're putting yourself in a position to receive?  Are you holding up your end of the deal and putting in the work to achieve what you asked for?  It's so important for us to be open to receiving and allowing abundance to come to us, without judgment or expectations as to how we are receiving.  Perhaps, what you have asked for doesn't come to you the way you want or expected, but it's still showing up, so it's on you to be open to how you are receiving. If you are wanting more financial  freedom, what are doing to acquire more money?  Hopefully, you're out there making moves, taking on projects, asking for a raise, putting yourself in a position to receive what you have asked for! 

Whatever it is that you want, it doesn't matter how big or how small it is, ask for it! Pray for it!  Work for it!  Continue to be mindful of the effort and actions you are taking to acquire what you have asked for.  Stay the course, be open and allow abundance to come to you.

Show is how you are using the Vibe of The Week, to help you Get Your Vibes by using the #VOTW hashtag and tagging us, @Get_Your_Vibes, if your photos!

Sending you all lots of love and good vibes this week!


Vibe of The Week: Don't Negotiate With Your Mind.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

Pay attention to the period in the title.  Do not negotiate with your mind, that's it, end of story.  This is something that I tell myself, daily.  Especially when the alarm clock goes off  at 6 A.M., and I (at times) disgruntled put on my workout clothes, "don't you hit that snooze button, remember, you don't negotiate with me", says my mind.  When it comes to setting your mind and brain to accomplish a self improving goal, don't leave any room for negotiation.

Why would you negotiate on something that is going to make you better and improve an aspect of yourself?  So whether it's an early morning workout, meditating,  eating healthy or setting boundaries or a new routine, or having positive self talk, don't negotiate.  Tell yourself that, write it down, hold yourself accountable because you are worthy of accomplishing all your desires and goals. 

Vibe of The Week: Ownership and Responsibility.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

When it comes to where we are in the present moment, it is so important that we take ownership of our successes and failures.  When we take ownership, we empower ourselves to make better choices and when we make better choices we will ultimately lead more fulfilled lives.

When we give responsibility to someone else, we are giving away our power.  No one can make choices for you and no one can make you feel a certain way unless you allow them.  Take back ownership, power and responsibility, shifts will start to happen in your life.  How you show up and will greatly impact what shows up for you in life.

What is it that you REALLY want?  Once you’ve decided that, what is your plan on how to make that happen?  An idea or desire is nothing without a plan.  So, plan on what you want and then plan on receiving it, take responsibility for it and realize that things in life are happening for you, not to you.  Remember, when you allow someone to make choices for you or allow them to make you feel a certain way, you are giving away your power.

Tonight, there is a new moon, so the night sky will be dark as we build up to a full moon over the next two weeks.  New Moons are an excellent time to write down your goals, plan and what you would like to manifest in your life.  Spend some time getting still, put the pen to paper and take ownership of your life!!

Show us on Instagram and Twitter how you Get Your Vibes and use the #VOTW hashtag!  

How will you @Get_Your_Vibes?!

How will you @Get_Your_Vibes?!

Vibe of The Week: Universe Responds

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes


What you tell yourself on the inside, the universe responds to on the outside, it hears everything and this is why our inner self talk is so important. 

Let this Vibe of The Week inspire you to be more aware and mindful of your self-talk, let it encourage you to be positive, compassionate and hopeful.

Embrace the powerful capabilities that live within all of us.  We are born into this world with limitless potential and it is on us to decide and to stand in our power to make the most of the vastness that resides within.

Challenge yourself to engage in your self talk, in a loving, believing, commanding way and watch the Universe rise up to meet you and greet you with all of your desires and then some.

Sending you all lots of love and good vibes!

Vibe of The Week: Habits.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

Habits, we all have them, we’ve broken them and built better ones, or gotten off track and formed unhealthy ones.  Habits are a reflection of what we repeatedly do.  Have you purposely built your habits or have you got caught up in the mundane or routine and unknowingly formed unhealthy habits?  We want you to start paying attention to your life on purpose.  Every thought leads to a choice, that choice leads to an action and that action can form a habit, hopefully a habit that has been created by intention with meaning and drive behind it.

What you repeatedly tell yourself is a habit, how you speak to yourself has a huge impact on the choices you make.  Habitually think, empowering, confident, thoughts and that will lead to strong and confident choices.  Last week's Vibe was awareness, let’s use that awareness to look at our habitual patterns and see where we can do better by breaking old habits that no longer serve us.  Think of this as a way to strengthen your choice muscle.  Each time you enhance and change your way of thinking and are making stronger choices, this will lead to stronger results. So strengthen that choice muscle!

Spring, has a new energy to it, things feel fresh and ready to bloom, it’s a great time to not only clean out material items but thoughts, choices, patterns and habits that do nothing for us.  Take some time to sit with yourself, and think about where you can be better and break an outmoded cycle, maybe have a pen and paper on hand to write down all the ways you plan on building positive and strong habits that will help you achieve your goals and have a more defined path to all that you want in life!

Use the hashtag #VOTW on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, to show us how you are putting the Vibe of The Week into action, have fun with it and Get Your Vibes!



Vibe of The Week: Awareness.

Vibe Of The WeekGet Your Vibes

Every Monday, we are going to share a Vibe of The Week with our readers.  This can be a thought, mantra or even an idea, something to evolve your thinking and help you Get Your Vibes.

This first edition of #VOTW, is to help create an awareness of energy, also known as vibes.  Do you notice the energy you carry?  Can you feel other peoples vibes and does their energy make you feel good or bad?  We are 100% responsible for our vibes and the energy that we bring every day, it's our choice.   Take pride in the energy you radiate and be mindful of how you allow or don’t allow others to impact your vibes.

For this #VOTW set some time aside to think about energy, period.  Then feel your energy and ask yourself, what am I creating and what am I doing to create my vibes?  Do you take time for yourself to simply do things that make you feel good?  Maybe go for a walk, get out in nature, meditate, or journal, these are all ways to help you become more in tune and aware of your energy and more importantly raise your vibrations.  Energy is real, we all know it, we all feel it, trust it, energy doesn't lie.  We were born with the gift of intuition and the choice is ours to strengthen it, let it guide us in life towards what feels best and to be the most authentic and truest version of our best self.  



The purpose of Vibe of The Week is to simply get you thinking or perhaps thinking differently.  Let's pay attentions on purpose and let's be aware of our energy and the energy around us.  How you show up in life magnetizes what shows up for you, the choice is yours.  Now go on and Get Your Vibes!

Use the hashtags #VTOW and #GetYourVibes to show us how you're creating that good energy!  You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @Get_Your_Vibes and search Get Your Vibes on Facebook!  We look forward to interacting with you and being apart of your good vibe tribe!