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Vibe Sesh: Derrick Morgan - NFL Linebacker, Social Investor and Plant-Based Athlete

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Since 2010 you've seen him on the field for the Tennessee Titans but outside of playing in the NFL Derrick Morgan is tackling some impactful issues.  Derrick is all about making his communities stronger, he gives back by making social investments and during his football camps he incorporates STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), to highlight opportunities outside of football.  He's shown support for medical cannabis research and is outspoken about our countries social issues.  Needless to say, he is busy creating intentional change in his communities.  Oh, and did I mention he is plant-based too?

Be prepared to be inspired in this Vibe Sesh with Derrick Morgan...


There are so many misconceptions about being plant-based AND being an athlete. Many people think they won’t get enough protein, that they will become frail and lose muscle, but in these next two clips Derrick discusses what it’s like being plant-based in the NFL and how it has changed his life.

In the age of social media everyone has a platform to use and voice their thoughts and opinion on things that matter to them. Athletes have a lot of influence and Derrick discusses using his platform in today’s world.

A hot topic right now is Cannabis and CBD. It seems like we are constantly learning more about this powerful plant and it’s healing benefits. Right now in all major league sports it’s on the banned substance list, will it ever be removed? Derrick dishes on the future of Cannabis and CBD in professional sports.

Have you heard of Impact Investing? It’s a term that is gaining more notoriety in the financial world as people are now making more intentional decision with their money. Derrick explains what impact investing means to him.

LeBron James coined the phrase “more than an athlete” when he was scrutinized by a FOX News anchor used his voice to speak out again President Trump. The phrase has really taken off in the sports world and Derrick tells us what it means to him to be more than an athlete.

At Get Your Vibes, we are all about building healthy habits, routines and creating positive mantras. Derrick shares what some of his daily habits are.

Last but not least, what are Vibes to Derrick?

I really want to thank Derrick Morgan for taking the out of his schedule to do a Vibe Sesh with me. Derrick and his family were clients of Get Your Vibes and it’s been amazing to see all of the work they have done in their communities and to raise awareness about going plant-based.

Be sure to follow Derrick on instagram and on twitter , he is about to enter into his 10th season in the league which is a massive accomplishment and what’s even more impressive is the work he is doing off the field so be sure to support #91!