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Vibe Sesh: Alyssa Julya Smith - Host and Anchor at Cheddar

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After just a few minutes of speaking with Cheddar, Host and Anchor, Alyssa Julya Smith, it’s easy to be impressed.  Her poise and charm speak to her professionalism, but it’s her warmth and welcoming spirit that speak to her genuine personality.

Get Your Vibes was able to hang with Alyssa at the WeWork Cheddar studios in Hollywood, where we talked about her professional path, she gave some excellent career advice, what her health and wellness journey looks like and what vibes are to her!  Welcome to Vibe Sesh, with Alyssa Julya Smith.

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 Get Your Vibes:  Tell us about life before Cheddar?

Alyssa Julya Smith: Life before Cheddar was kind of all over the place, I started modeling professionally when I was 16 and I was doing that for a long time, about 15 years, and I was acting for a few years in there, not an extremely long time but the two can go hand in hand, especially here in LA. I launched a swim wear for about two years and I shut that down when I started Cheddar.  Also, right before starting Cheddar I was hosting for the Esquire Network, doing on camera work for some commercials, it’s not a linear direct path but it was definitely fashion, entrainment, and some business.

Success in our current career can often be an indication of what we learned in our previous work. Alyssa shares with Get Your Vibes what she learned that has helped her be successful anchoring her show at Cheddar.

 Is this something that you knew you wanted to do all along?

No, and that’s the beauty of it. This wasn’t something that was on my radar, but I knew I liked being in front of the camera, I liked having my photo taken, I like doing commercials, acting and being creative when it came to my business, but I didn’t really think I am going to be in news or hosting a show. Even though I didn’t think that way I did go to Annenberg for journalism, but I didn’t think I would use my degree, it all fell into place, but it really wasn’t the plan. When you’re young you’re looking at two to three years in advance, you don’t really have a long-term plan.  I also think back then, maybe 10 years ago, it wasn’t like it is now, where people are thinking I’m going to have different career paths or I can do many different things, which is how the new generation thinks and you kind of have to think this way in business.

Whether it was 15 years of professional modeling, starting her own swimwear line, or anchoring her own show on the network Cheddar, Alyssa, shares how she sets her goals and how it keeps her accountable!

What is it like being a woman in this field and one that cover a lot of tech, business and finance?

At Cheddar specifically we are pretty evenly split between women and men but I do think being a woman in business and tech it is still something a lot of people are working on and making strides towards. It isn’t as much as a boys club as it is if I were working in Silicon Valley in a big tech startup. A lot of the people we are interviewing in tech and business are men and I do love when we have interviews with female founders, female CEO’s, whether it’s in tech, VR, these different types of high tech spaces I always love those conversations, maybe it’s because we’re connecting on a woman to woman basis, it’s a bonding thing when I have those conversations and I love it. It’s not common yet which is something all industries are working towards, we’re seeing a rise in it because it’s been called out, we’re seeing bigger players really trying to make an impact and set that precedent for other industries.

Listen and watch the advice Alyssa gives to women who would like to follow a similar career path. Her advice crosses all industries and speaks to what truly makes an individual successful.

When I reached out to you about the Vibe Sesh, you mentioned you were a big advocate of plant based eating, healthy lifestyle and wellness, What has this journey been like for you?

 I am a big advocate and right at the end of high school, before I started college I began to experiment and that is when I discovered the master cleanse, colonics and health food and healthy eating, that was a weird thing still. Then when I was in college I discovered Eckhart Tolle and at the time it was exactly what I needed, it really changed my life. I went into this very intense self growth year of brewing my own kombucha and really diving into health and wellness. I tried everything, I was a vegan for many years, really in the experimental phase of health and wellness, and trying to feel better, take better care of my body. I also got into Vedic meditation when I was in my early 20’s, I’ve dropped off but I did it consistently for many years. I went so extreme in my early 20’s, I was so strict, I went a year without alcohol, many years with no animal products, Vedic meditation every day, twice a day, I was so extreme and then I realized I needed more balance. I want to be out socially with my friends and have a drink, so then I found more balance and now I am somewhere in the middle. I love cupping, acupuncture and colonics, I’ve been trying to get back into some of the older practices and now there is so much research and education around it, we now know so much more. Currently, I eat meat a couple times a week, on the weekends only, during the work week I go vegan, I don’t drink, I eat a lot of raw food, everything is organic, I try and workout as much as I can. I have found a good balance for me to feel good. 

Are there certain things that you have to do daily or weekly that help you stay centered and balanced? What do you need to do to be able to come to work and be the Alyssa you need to be and then leave work at work?

I am still struggling with leaving work at work because we have these devices, it’s not like back in the day when people had a briefcase and you really could actually leave work at work, it’s just our generations challenge.  We have to really try to remove ourselves so that’s something that I am still working on. I do really try and carve out times to maximize the commute with affirmations, try to get fresh air even if I don’t have the energy to work out, I’ll go for a walk around my neighborhood to get some vitamin D and fresh air since I’ve been inside all day.  I try to eat really healthy food if I’ve been stressed and haven’t’ been sleeping, I am going to need some fish, and protein. At night, screen time is done by 9PM and I am reading from 9 to 10, and by 10PM it’s lights out, those are rules that I have found work for me. I try and take vitamins, I only have one cup of coffee a day in the morning, and I have kombucha, that’s like my treat when I get home, I also try and have some magnesium to relax.  I am also really into this CBD tincture when I get home, it’s great to replace having a glass of wine after a stressful day, there are so many benefits to it and as far as we know right now it’s not hard on your liver, it’s a good part of the day to help me unwind.  In this industry there is news always happening and most of our team is in New York, so it’s helpful to have ways to unwind.  I am still trying to find that perfect balance, but I think I am getting there, it just keeps evolving, it doesn’t ever get stagnant.

What are Vibes to you?

 It could be something in the air, it could be an astrological presence and because I live in LA of course I believe in Mercury or Venus retrograde! I believe in those vibes which I know sounds so out there but statistically we know more crimes happen during a full moon.  Stuff like that I would say influences vibes and I think other vibes refer to peoples’ aura or their energy. Sometimes you just get a feeling that a certain situation or person doesn’t feel right, so I think vibes are also a gut instinct, it’s a more trend focused way of saying your instincts or your gut.  It does mean more things than that, it is hard to describe but it encompasses a lot of things, it can be a person, situation or a high energy field. 

How do you Get Your Vibes?

I go back to the meditation, the affirmations, going for a walk, I also listen to a lot of podcasts but when I’m really stressed, I just need some Beach Boys, some oldies or the other day I was listening to Britney Spears because I was stressed! Things like that can really change your mood or affirmations, it’s about shifting that energy field.  Breathing, deep breathing is something we forget to do so taking those deep breaths is something I do to wind down, when I’m trying to sleep or just let go. I do a lot of yoga so moving the energy around, taking a hot bath, disconnecting a little bit, read a book and shifting your imagination through a book.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this Vibe Sesh with Alyssa Smith!  You can watch her on Cheddar and follow her on IG @AlyssaJulyaSmith and Twitter @IamAlyssaSmith.

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