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Vibe of The Week: The Paradox of Change.

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Some of the common themes that have been popping up in my life and many others is change, but how it's contradicted in our life.  Change is the only constant, that we know but with all the swirling change taking place in my external world, I find a few things in my world not changing.  My beliefs that keep my grounded, how I treat people, whether in business or personal, what I truly value in people and in myself, these are all things that haven't changed over the years and I am so glad for that.  

It's so important that when chaos is all around us that we are steady within and hold on strong to our truth.  It's important to remain kind and compassionate towards ourselves and other.  As much as your path may change and life takes you in different directions, perhaps unexpected, one thing that shouldn't change is your truth and the beliefs that make you who you are, don't sacrifice that.  Embrace change, knowing that you're in a certain position in life for a particular reason and even if it's testing you, it's because it's asking you to honor the truth within.  

One of my teachers, Bobby Klein, says, "Do not stop or change your principles on the path to completion and wellness.  To adapt to the changes before you duration of the spirit and grace is called for.  Take time to renew the self."