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Oh, the pressure of a first blog post!  What do we say? How do we make the best impression? So many vibes, so little time.  Perhaps the best place to start is welcome and thanks for visiting Get Your Vibes.  We've been excited for this moment for quite some time and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you. 

Get Your Vibes, is designed to help you live with intention, to help fill your life with those good vibes, that we all know and love.  How do we accomplish this?  We help you create a life of pure intention and purpose.  We achieve raising our vibrations or "vibes" through whole food, plant based nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, crystal energy, developing healthy habits and paying attention on purpose.  We want our community of good vibe seekers to use Get Your Vibes as the ultimate resource to help you lead your most authentic life.  

What can you expect?  Weekly blogs, featuring interviews with individuals who are at the top of their game, a Vibe of The Week, which will help expand our thoughts and help push us to our best selves, lastly we will include recipes, DIY projects and other methods that will impact our well being.  Get Your Vibes Radio, will eventually have a weekly podcast, with thought provoking guests who will share what has helped them succeed and thrive in their journey.  Get Your Vibes TV, will be a channel where cooking demonstrations, guided meditations, kitchen tours, and interviews will be featured.  Get Your Vibes will be your digital home for wellness and good vibes.

Our journey is just getting started and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you.  Thanks to all who have helped make this exciting adventure possible and we can't wait to help you Get Your Vibes!

In good health and good vibes,

Ashleigh Ignelzi - Founder and Vibe Creator