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Vibe of The Week: Seek Within.

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We only have a few months of 2017 left and I am feeling incredibly motivated, positive and looking forward to what the rest of 2017 holds for us as a collective and for Get Your Vibes.  The other day I thought to myself how I felt like I would work better if I had a little more balance in my life, that if I had more balance then my working hours would count more and I'd work more efficiently.  Whenever I am looking to make changers in my outer world, I try to look at how I can make the changes with my inner self.  If I am looking to have more stability, I think of a ways that my inner self and actions can be stable, instead of seeking and reaching for things in the outer world or a person for that stability.  The same goes for balance, I look at where I can give more of that to myself with my choices, my inner thought and my actions.

When we look inward for what we are seeking we will evolve and grow.  When we reach for things in the material world, we are often left disappointed because they only temporarily fix and fill any void.  However, when we go inward we are revealing new layers and strengthening our mental fortitude, our wisdom and intuition.   

Bottomline; The more you go within, the stronger you will be, the stronger your intuition will be, you'll have a better relationship with yourself and all aspects of your life will improve.